About Me

An Experienced Mental Health Counselor in Beachwood & Akron, OH

Let me help you in achieving mental wellness. I am a licensed professional dedicated to helping you in coping with mental health issues and substance abuse/dependency.

My Credentials

I have been a trusted counselor for more than 35 years.

My credentials are:

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor-S

Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor-S

Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist


My Life Outside My Profession

Before I became a mental health counselor, I  love baseball and animals. I grew up in the military, which helped me acquire skills that are essential to my practice. I am dedicated to leading an happy and healthy life myself and assisting others in doing the same.

My Commitment to My Practice and Clients

Trust me in holistically guiding you to the improvement of your well-being. My experience in the industry helps me in providing only the best services for all, no matter your sexual orientation, preferences or race. This motivates me to always reinvent myself and find new ways to relate and find the best solutions for you. I particularly enjoy treating anxiety disorders and children’s phobias.