When you hear the word ‘hypnotherapy,’ you may think of ‘hypnosis.’ They're actually different in a very important way. When a person participates in hypnosis, someone else is telling them what to do. Usually, silly things that people in a comedy club would find funny. Yes, even act like a chicken.

When a client or patient participates in hypnotherapy, the therapist/counselor or doctor helps the person become very relaxed and then makes suggestions. The person chooses what suggestions to follow.


Here is one way both are alike, and it is very important. The person participating in hypnosis or hypnotherapy can stop the session at any time. Truly you are in charge.
Why would a person choose hypnotherapy? It is very helpful, even with young children, for those who suffer from phobias - a deep fear of certain things or animals or actions or places.

Hypnotherapy can help with general anxiety, too. It can be used to stop smoking, develop better habits with food, prepare for a dentist's visit or in learning to drive. The uses are so varied.

I use “regular” talk therapy and hypnotherapy in different ways with different clients. Feel free to ask questions you may have about how I use this in helping my clients.

Chemical Dependency

I have over 15 years working with people abusing or dependent on opiates, cocaine, other drugs, and alcohol. If you are not sure if your use of any substance is causing you problems, come in and let's talk about it.

I also provide assessments required for those who have a DUI or have been ordered by the court or employer to receive one. This may not be covered by insurance if it is ordered by the court.

I also work with the families of addicts and alcoholics. Including spouses, children, and parents.

Anxiety & Depression

These are referred to as Mood Disorders. Experiencing Anxiety or Depression (or both) does not mean you are crazy. It means you are struggling. You might be having Panic Attacks, having trouble with work or school and not sure what to do. Many people think Anxiety and Depression are totally different and they can feel different, but frequently a person feels irritable and edgy when they are depressed.

Come in and learn more. It is important to know that you make the decisions about every part of your treatment including medication and hypnotherapy.

LGBTQ Community

Throughout my time as a counselor, I have worked with both adolescent and adult persons whose sexual preference is other than heterosexual. Although I find many are facing the same issues as their heterosexual peers. Issues such as making a commitment to their partner, deciding whether or not to have children, difficulties with families or job concerns.

I also acknowledge in our present society that persons identifying as LGBTQ are frequently shown a lack of respect or even violence. Family and friends often turn away. There are serious issues to address for those who identify as “other.”

I do not have all the answers, but I am very practiced at assisting those who are making decisions about their lives. I also enjoy working with the families of LGBTQ persons. Please know, in my office all persons are encouraged to be the amazing, happy person they were born to be.

Training/Public Speaking

I offer a wide variety of topics. Please contact me for availability and rates.
If you do not see your topic, please call. Personalized training can easily be developed.

Listed are some of the topics I offer:

  • Drug-Free Workplace
  • Avoiding or Ending Harassment (all types)
  • Education on Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Improving Communication for Families or the Workplace
  • Effective Supervision
  • Adjusting to Change
  • Conflicts in the Workplace
  • Grief
  • Populations Served
  • Adult Individual Therapy
  • Adolescent Individual and Family Therapy
  • Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Phobias
  • Adolescents and Adults with Trauma, PTSD
  • Services
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Reduction
  • CBT
  • Talk Therapy